121GameOn Company Update:

We've just started to expand our services and will launch new game modes & concepts brought up from the community itself accordingly.

This will be a place for warming up, training your aim, and your spray patterns, but all under the “fun umbrella”. Competitive concepts are also on their way.

This is made by Players, for players.

Join today, either as a member or as an early-stage moderator.

With this being said, we are sad to inform our active & dedicated players that we will move away from doingdaily tournaments since our focus has shifted towards more community-based matching.

We will continue with occasional events, and weekend tournaments for now since that is when the activity is the highest!

Regarding tournaments:

We plan to have it open for all of you so you can run private tournaments/play with or against your friends.

We love engagement, but we see this as a community movement more than a tournament engine with a centralized organization behind it.

If in need of support or guidance - Please reach out to support@121gameon.com

If you'd like to play some executes, and warm up!

Join https://discord.gg/xgc

or https://stats.xeno-gaming.co.uk/csgo

The 121 Team

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