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Aim Kings Duo #4 PREMIUM - €160

Hosted by: 121Wizard

No stream availiable.

6 / 32
4 / 32
€14.40/€115.20 + €32
Single Elimination
aim_map only

2v2 Aim Kings Duo #4 PREMIUM - €160

Are you ready to play for the big money? Our Aim Kings PREMIUM tournaments features our highest daily prize pools ever.


Tournament overview:

Prize pool: €160

Buy-in: €2

Aim_map only

Start: 7:30 PM CET

Match type: BO1

Finals match type: BO3

Remember all players on your team must click “check in”, and enable Easy Anticheat.

See how here:


The platform is still in beta, and we appreciate all of your feedback. You can submit feedback on Discord, support or by using our feedback-form. For questions, join the 121GameOn Discord or use on-site support.

Prelude to the Rules

These rules are written to facilitate the smooth progression of the tournament and help players and administrators resolve conflicts. The most important principle is that teams and players attempt, to the best of their abilities, to play and finish their matches regardless of what happens. Equally important is to behave respectfully towards other players and 121GameOn-staff.

An infraction of the rules (breaking them) may cause a team to forfeit a game – take an automatic loss. Severe infractions of these rules may lead to a disqualification.

1. Participants

1.1 Team registration

Players are required to register both individually and as a team on the 121GameOn platform in order to take part in team tournaments.

1.2 Player Substitutions

Teams are not permitted to make substitutions from the original line up. All players registered will take part in the tournament from start to finish. This includes other players using different accounts/account sharing.

1.3 Registration Process

All players must have a 121GameOn Account with their Steam Account connected to that account.

2. Tournament Administration

2.1 121GameOn Administrators

The tournament may have an individual admin (administrator) assigned as head admin. However, questions, answers and issues can be directed to and handled by any 121GameOn admin and mod (moderator). The head admin's decision is final. Who the head admin is will be clarified, if needed, before or during the tournament. If not explicitly stated, any member of the 121GameOn admin team can serve as the head admin.

2.2 On-platform messaging

The 121GameOn platform has both team and private chat function where you can speak to individual players or teams. To contact an admin, use the support chat primarily.

2.3 Tournament chat

Each tournament has a tournament chat area where tournament discussions should be be held. If you are in urgent need of help from an admin, use the support chat instead.

2.4 Chat language

English is the preferred and official language used in all public 121GameOn chats.

3. Bans

Bans of players in a team will disqualify the entire team from participation in the tournament.

Players who are currently serving a Ban due to VAC or EAC will be prohibited from the tournament. Players who have had VAC or EAC bans expire are permitted to take part but must accept that we may require those players to be treated to increased scrutiny during the tournament.

4. Rules Changes

121GameOn reserves the right to make changes to any of these rules before, during or after the tournament if needed to better comply with the spirit of the rules, fair play and the smooth progression of the tournament(s).

5. Code of Conduct

5.1 Sverok Code of Conduct

We adhere to the principles laid out by organization Sverok in their esports Code of Conduct. See An esports Code of Conduct to read or download it in English.

5.2 Practice respect at all times

Regardless of time or medium, respect should be used at all time with anyone from 121GameOn, be it staff or players.

6. Broadcasting

6.1 Players broadcasting

Players may stream their matches using any platform for broadcasting. However, a delay must be created on the stream, and players are reminded to comply with the terms and conditions of the broadcasting platform.

6.2 Broadcasting rights

121GameOn reserves the rights to use any material casted/streamed when taking part in 121GameOn Tournaments.

7. Conditions of participation

7.1 Age

Players must be 18 years or older.

7.2 Usernames/Team names

Your Username/gamer tag and team name are not allowed to contain swear words or other overtly offensive language. The head judge or tournament admins may ask you to change these names at their discretion.

7.3 Registered to 121GameOn

In order to take part, players and teams must be registered on

7.4 Game Account

Players must use their own game account. Account sharing is not permitted.

8. Participation stipulations

Entry into any 121GameOn tournament means that you must comply with all of the rules outset within this document.

9. Payouts

9.1 Prize distribution

Tournament Prizes and the distribution of those prizes are handled by 121GameOn unless otherwise noted. Monetary prizes will be distributed when the tournament has completed. Non-monetary prizes will be distributed as quickly as possible after the tournament has completed.

9.2 Disqualified teams

Disqualified teams lose the right to any part of the prize pool regardless of their position in the tournament at the point the disqualification occurs.

10. Anti cheat software & Monitoring

We reserve the right to monitor any player during the tournament.

All tournament games are protected by both EAC and VAC. The 121GameOn team and mods may review game demos or spectate games to determine whether cheating or foul play occured.

11. Betting or gambling

Players or coaches, as well as Admin and administration staff from 121GameOn, are prohibited from gambling or betting on any matches in any 121GameOn tournament.

12. Match Format and Procedure

12.1 Double Elimination Grand Final Match

In a best of 3 or higher Grand Final in a Double elimination tournament, the winner of the upper (winners) bracket shall receive one extra starter point in that match.

12.2 Rounds and matches

Matches will be played in the format detailed in the Tournament Overview. Matches in a round will occur concurrently (at the same time). After one match has finished, the next will start as soon as your next opponent is ready or when an admin starts the round. The only times this may occur differently is 1) when a match is streamed and you may be asked to wait until the casters are ready or 2) when there is a set schedule the rounds follow.

12.3 Go-to-game count down timer and walkover

As soon as the game lobby has opened for both teams, the count down timer starts. When the count down timer has reached zero both teams and every team member must be ready in-game. If any number of members from both teams are not ready by that time, the game will be automatically cancelled and no team will win. In an elimination tournament, this means both teams may get disqualified. If any number of members from one team are not ready when the count down timer has reached zero, that team will lose the game automatically.

PLEASE NOTE: Once the game result is reported and the tournament system has closed the game, the results are final and cannot be changed. Make sure you are ready to play inside the game on time to avoid losing by mistake!

12.4 Go-to-game ready check

To be "ready" an individual player has to 1) join the game lobby on 121GameOn, 2) enter the game client and 3) issue a command in-game to signify that they are ready. In CS:GO this is done by typing '!ready' in the chat (without quotation marks).

13. Match Results

13.1 Automatic results

Match results are automatically reported to the 121GameOn platform after a game has finished.

13.2 In case of server error

In the instance of a bug or internal server error, teams may be required to provide written confirmation of the result or screenshots.

13.3 Tiebreakers

In a group/round robin bracket the total Points of a team or player (the number of matches won) will determine the placement (who wins the group). If two or more teams in the top positions have the same number of points, a tiebreaker is needed.

CS:GO Tiebreaker rules

These are the tiebreakers used, ordered first to last:

Head to head matches between tied teams/players.

Rounds won. The total number of rounds a team has won/lost.

Coin flip/random draw.

The result of the tiebreakers will determine the final placements of the teams in the group, and who qualifies/wins.

In a LAN or offline setting where ample time is given to the tournament, and where head-to-head matches (tiebreaker 1 above) has not been enough to resolve ties. Tiebreaker matches will be played in the following manner:

Tie between 2 teams: A single tiebreaker match is played.

Tie between 3 teams: A mini single elimination bracket is used where all teams face off in the following order. The 2 teams with least rounds won play each other first. The winner of that plays against the team with the most rounds won among all 3 teams.

Tie between 4 teams: A mini single elimination bracket is used where all 4 teams play in the first round. The team with the most rounds won plays the team with the least rounds won. The team with second most rounds won plays against team with the second fewest rounds won. The winners of both matches face off in a final match.

The results of these matches will then determine the final placements in the group for the teams/players that were tied, and who proceeds to win the group.

14. Grievances or disputes in a match

14.1 Report a game issue

Any issues within a match or game need to be raised immediately. We will not be able to make changes to any match result after a tournament round has been completed. If possible, pause the match and call an administrator.

14.2 Manual match decision

Decisions made by appointed Admin or the Head Judge are final. Regardless of the decision made, Admin and the Head Judge are to be treated and spoken to with respect, whether you agree with the decision or not. Any disrespect shown toward Admin of the Head Judge will result in immediate team disqualification.

15. Admin and Head Judge

Instructions and decisions made by Tournament Admins and the Head Admin are to be followed at all time.

16. Misconduct and Unsportmanlike Behaviour

As previously stated, players are expected to behave according to the rules outlined here and the Code of Conduct at all times.

This includes but is not limited to:



121GameOn platform

Social Media

Face to Face (IRL)

Toxic behavior, flaming and unsportsmanlike behavior may result in a warning, a disqualification from the tournament or in rare cases a permanent ban from

17. Ringers, Non-player accounts, and account sharing

The players registered to the tournament are the only players permitted to take part.

The player's game account registered on 121GameOn must be the same used to play the actual games.

Ringers or account sharing will result in disqualification.

18. Cheats

Bans and disqualification will occur for the use of, but not limited to:



Bunny Hop Hacks

Wall Hacks


Colour modification

Recoil modification

Sound modification

Flash modification

Transparency modification

Graphic Driver modification

Name scripting

A3D use

A3D(2.0) use

Mat_HDR_enable both plain, 0/1 and 0/1/2 use

Server plugins

19. Recording

Players may be asked to record their matches. This is so that in the instance of cheating allegations, we have a source to base decisions on. It may be in your interests to record every match.

20. Pause

A player may pause the game if they have a legitimate reason to. You must communicate quickly to the opposing team quickly what the nature of the issue is. You must not unpause the match until both teams have confirmed they are ready.

Valid reasons for pause:

A player experiences an unintentional disconnect

A player experiences a software or hardware malfunction

A player experiences a physical interference (broken table or chair etc)

Under certain circumstances, a player may ask the referee for a pause if a referee is present

A player may be asked by a tournament admin or Head Referee to pause the match

21. Game effecting bugs and glitches

Any in-game bugs or glitches should be raised with a tournament admin.

Use of in-game bugs or glitches may result in disqualification. This includes but is not limited to:

Ghost walls

Screen Swiming

Pixel surfing, climbing or standing

Postlude to the Rules

Thank you for reading and trying to follow these rules to the best of your abilities. Should you come across any rulebreakers or troublemakers, be sure to let us know through the support-chat or email.

No stream currently availiable.